Monday, April 20, 2009

qtFunk a dream come true!

I am a person who just loves do-it-yourself type of things, the idea of printing on clothing and even making my own furniture has always appealed to me. I guess it's just part of my creative nature. So my qtFunk shop was started when I humbly, just wanted to by a super funky creative pillow for my home. Well the searches led me to, a cool site were you can make a print for your own pillow! It has been so much fun I've hardly been able to contain myself and the ideas has been flowing along with the coffee and the joy.

I truly enjoy drawing and messing around on graphic design programs. I'm also in the progress of publishing a cute children's book called Frilly Lilly on, which is also a great passion and joy in my life. I've sent it for approval and I'm still waiting for it to be officially for sale. I love creating characters and hope that my characters will bring a smile to everyone that sees them...So visit my online shop at and browse around. I'm also selling Frilly Lilly merchandise there. Here is a sneak view of some of the items for sale in my shop.
Faeriebee Throw Pillow

Faeriebee Magnet

Faeriebee Flip Mino

Frilly Lilly Large Wall Clock

Mr. Sock in Love Infant Bodysuit, character from the story Frilly Lilly

Dragonbee Jr. Ringer T-Shirt ( This character is also in the picture book Frilly Lilly)

Retro Squirrel Throw Pillow (the pillow that started my shop)

Retro Squirrel Tile Coaster


The Dawn of qtFunk

It's a very bone chilling day today, which makes it a wonderful day for writing a few words in my blog. I have recently finished my picture book entitled Frilly Lilly, I have hit the publish button. But as with everything in life there is a waiting I have about another month or so to go before it will be for sale on and Amazon. Hopefully this time there will be no problems with the format and size.

But as always the creative juices are flowing and I am busy working on new ideas and new's all very exciting. I will also hopefully be able to upgrade my cafe press shop to a new fancy pansy site.