Thursday, December 3, 2009

East coast trip

I find myself in a town called Easton, philadelphia. My husband had to travel to the east coast of the U.S. To consult, and I decided to come with to spare him the back and forward flying and to see what the east coast has to offer.

The hotel we're staying in for a couple of days called The Grand Eastonian has such lovely ceilings, I love how the the cement and pipes are visable.

The town however is quite strange, the vibe is peculiar and people dress badly. It's deathingly quiet and hosts a large amount of tobacco shops. It's also home to the crayola factory and museum. I visited the factory but will probably skip the museum. I think what this town needs is to make the largest crayon in the 'world'/U.S. ;) bring the tourists in. The downtown architecture is lovely lined with buildings from the 1700s.

Anyways I'm not sure if the town's creepyness stems from the fact that I was reading New Moon. A great read suggested to me by my sister, that I finished and gobbled up greedily in a flash. I havent been able to finish a book like this in a long time, and i used to enjoy reading when i was younger. It's just annoying how
commercialized the series has gotten and I refused to see the film until I finshed the book. I've also read Twilight and have not seen the movie yet. But I am burning with curiosity. It will however probably be a great disapointment... Like the movie Stardust, the book was amazing, the movie was great but it's annoying how they change things in the story.

So my mission today is to pull up google maps on my phone, and locate a bookstore before I set off to wander down the streets of this strange little town. I need to get the third book in this twilight series. My husband is using my laptop for work, his is in for repairs, and I refuse to watch senseless TV, which is more commercials than actual content.

But otherwise I am feeling inspired and have been considering writing a book myself. An adult sized book with some illustrations ;) I always wondered why novels don't have atleast some illustrations. I always find myself intently looking at the cover every so often when I try to imagine the decriptions of the author.

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