Thursday, February 5, 2009

Frilly Lilly Calendar

I'm still busy with my much anticipated Children's book called Frilly Lilly. The idea for the book came to me at the end of 2005, (when I learned about after printing a photo album book on this website) so I do hope that 2009 will bring the completion of this project. I've learned the slow and hard way about Graphic and illustration programs and the various methods of drawing digitally. Unfortunately there are loads of things I would have done differently, like hand drawing the images instead of drawing them directly on the computer with a mouse...But over all this has been a very satisfying experience and getting the opportunity to attach my name to a fun project like this is a good feeling.

It's been interesting to live in this time period, where all artists are created equal, and everyone has the opportunity to publish their work. And instead of being judged by publishing companies, we have the option to be judged by our peers. That is democracy...even the shy ones can succeed.

But let me not digress...I have recently finished this book of mine, to find out that I did not upload the files at the right size...I was a bit sad because I was already having publishing parties...well in my head more than any where else, and thinking of new creative projects...I birthed grew up and I thought I had reached the stage of letting it go into the wild world and fend for it self...but it was not to be, I had to change the size of the images and upload them again.

Well The thing was at that time I was in South Africa for a couple of months, very busy planning a wedding to my own Prince Charming/Love of my Life on top of that dealing with the South African Internet connection which is expensive and capped....and to top it off didn't feel like paying the postage to South Africa, since every time you make a revision to your book on Lulu you must purchase a revision to make sure it's correct. It is very expensive to change it after it's been published so printing the revision is important.

So after we were done with South Africa, my husband and I moved to the US. So the time was ripe to get back and finish this project...but then my clever husband started putting wild ideas in my head of adding extra things to the images to give it that little extra something...I groaned a little...and thought...This project has gone on needs to end...My life legacy needs to be more than one children's book....but alas...I thought he might have a decided to rip out the Ol' white paper and pencil, and draw...and I must admit really loved is millions of times faster than drawing on the computer screen...

But out of my older vector drawings I have made a calendar for sale on You can see it here:

And have today printed a copy of my revised Frilly Lilly with all the added extras! So as much as
I love this project, I'll be glad when it's done....cuz I still have so much more to offer this world...;P

Frilly Lilly Merchandise available...;P

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